“You get a good thing from me.”

Dedication to goals, persistence, desire to create at this very moment the best and the most creative advertising together with the people around me. I believe that the ideas, that connect people, are stronger than those that divide us. It is well known that banter, profanity, envy, anger, fear or greed can often be powers that trigger people, but to move the whole mountain range, you need humour, love and kindness.

My strength

At the end of the day you get a good thing from me


Others say

“For us, advertising agency is a strategic partner and partners with such caliber are not easily replaced, although the possibility always remains. Why we haven’t done it in ten years?

To cut the long story short, I think that Kontuur Leo Burnett has managed also during difficult times (no, cooperation is not always easy, any agency should avoid believing in an illusion like this) to preserve calm nerves, continuously good analytical skills, as well as being innovative, and bringing fresh blood in the agency team at the time when the client begins to get tired of the existing one.

At the same time, they never forget this important aspect, that consistency is crucial for building a successful brand and this applies both to the members of the team as well as the language of advertising.

Without a certain historic memory it is very complicated to create good political advertising, and I believe, that on a highly competitive market, this rule applies also to other areas.

I would dare to suggest Kontuur as a partner because as a person who has been looking around the advertising landscape long enough, I’ve found that sometimes their life experience exceeds the youthful bravado with a long shot. Having been through a lot with Kontuur Leo Burnett, I dare to take responsibility for these written words :)”

– Annika Arras, Former Campaign Manager for the Reform Party