“Be the headline of tomorrow!”

I value fantasy and strategic planning, inspiration and calculation. Good PR needs balancing the right and the left brain hemisphere, seeing the obvious infront of your nose and comprehending the perspective behind the horizon.

My strength

Good public relations.

Ivo Kallasmaa Dalton1
Ivo Kallasmaa Dalton

Others are saying

“Ivo is perfect at differentiating the colour nuances of the input and output of media communication.”

– Eero Kotli, Novarc

“Cooperation with Ivo enriches the client as the solutions he offers make you see things from a different angle and bring along positive results. His solutions stand out in the crowd and inspire people to talk about even the most dry topics!”

Veikko Ormisson, KGK Product Manager

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    Communication Strategis, Dalton

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    Capital Mill, Calix, KGK, Novarc, Elering, Enzo, Foody Allen, Wolfprint 3d, Iglusaun, Liven Kinnisvara, Juveel, Sakala Hambaravi, TMB, Tridens, EMTK, Narva Kutsehariduskeskus, Thule, Webasto, Movember Estonia, Lastefond, Edvin Erik Kibus and many others.