“Communication should create content!”

I believe that in order to achieve great results, you need passion, courage, perception of reality and trust. The latter presumes, that things are born in teamwork.

My strength

Long-term experience in combining direct and web marketing as well as classical advertising with the goal to achieve the best results for the client.


Others say

“Rivo is one of the most capable, creative and goal-orientated people I know in Estonia. With Rivo we get things done: marketing materials produced and campaigns created and always started as planned. Rivo initiates enthusiasm in his team and guarantees the team’ s understanding that we are moving in the right direction and accomplishing a lot. Every time I have the need to create a new campaign or a new design solution, Rivo is my first choice of people I turn to. Working with Rivo is easy and enjoyable!”

– Silva Lill, CMO, PLM Group