“Embrace the change!”


I believe that any combination of people delivers the best results in case each and everyone of its members is totally satisfied with his or her role in it. You don’t have to be afraid of the change – instead, embrace the change!

My strengths

My wide and rich spectrum of experience involving hundreds of people, situations, challenges that I have come across while looking for the best solutions for all the parties involved.

My aspiration and ability to ask the right questions, which answers direct people towards finding their own truth. My aspiration and ability to support them on their way towards this truth.

My ongoing will and capacity to learn and change inspired by the changing world around me.


Others say

“Extremely fast and professional, every problem gets a solution.”

– Anu Uuemõis, CEO of MediaBroker


“Direct. Confident. Honest.”

– Karin Sepp, CEO of Kontuur Leo Burnett

“Annika is good at giving advice on how to communicate with people. Creating a good atmosphere, well, this is what she does well. I have always felt that I have been listened to and, also, that what I have said, has mattered. This is not so common in work environment. I believe that Annika has had a fair share in fostering Creative Union’s pleasant inner climate with her feminine intuition.”

– Egle Anton, former colleague from Creative Union

  • Annika Räim

    People and Communication, Creative Union

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